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NetXtreme ZipLite Component Corporate Silver License 1.5

NetXtreme ZipLite Component Corporate Silver License 1.5

NetXtreme ZipLite Component Corporate Silver License Publisher's Description

Safabyte SfbZipLite v1.5 is an advanced ZIP compression library for .NET Framework. It is designed to put flexibility into the hands of developer with a lot of features including Deflate64?, BZip2, and PPMd compression methods, Zip64, PKZip and AES encryptions, streaming, transaction, repairing, unicode file names and much more. The component is optimized for easy use in multiple scenarios, it will give you the control and stability you need.

The SfbZipLite package comes with a full documentation and samples to help you start developing your applications with our component easily.

Key Features
  1. WinZip, PKZIP, and UNIX gZip compatible.
  2. SfbZipLite can be used from ASP.NET web pages, Window Form and Web Services.
  3. Classic Pkzip encryption or AES encryption.
  4. 128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit AES encryption standard.
  5. Support for the Zip64 zip file format.
  6. Support BZip2 compression algorithm.
  7. Support PPMd compression algorithm.
  8. Support Deflate64? compression algorithm.
  9. Nine (9) compression levels, individual compression level can be set for each file.
  10. Allow creating new zip files or updating existing zip files in stream (can be on disk or in memory stream, buffer).
  11. Allow extracting zip files to disk, memory stream or memory buffer.
  12. Support Wildcard for batch operations.
  13. Add, move, remove, rename and change attributes of files and folders in a zip file, on disk or in memory.
  14. Update files in a zip file, on disk or in memory.
  15. List contents of zip file with complete file specifications (compression level, file attributes, zipped size, original size, compression rate and CRC).
  16. Support Long file names.
  17. Support Unicode file names.
  18. Allow setting individual password for each file.
  19. High-performance compression engine.
  20. Ability to test files in a zip file.
  21. Control the path information stored in a zip file for each file or folder.
  22. Recursively zip or unzip entire directories and their contents.
Events support
  1. Triggers only the events your application subscribes to for increase performance.
  2. Zip file open event.
  3. Overall progress indication.
  4. File progress indication.
  5. Asking password event.
  6. Confirm overwrite event.
  7. Allow skipping added or extracted files.
  8. Change path, name and/or attributes of extracting file.
  9. Change path, name and/or attributes of a file being added to zip file.
  10. Handle failed operation.
  1. Royalty free run-time.
  2. 1 year minor and major product updates.
  3. Full Window Vista support.
  4. Support Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, Delphi 8, C# Builder and other compliant development environments.
  5. Support Drag/Drop integration within Visual Studio.
  6. Safabyte SfbZipLite can run under both .NET Framework 2.x and 3.x.
  7. SfbZipLite can be used from ASP.NET web pages, Window Form and Web Services.
.NET Technology
  1. 100% managed code written in C# (Complete source code included in the Gold License with Source Code).
  2. CLS compliant (Common Language Specification).
  3. Passed almost Microsoft FxCop's rules.
  4. 100% component code covered by Unit Test.
  5. Object-oriented design created specifically for .NET Framework version 2.x and above.
  6. Does not use unsafe blocks for minimal permission requirements.
  7. Seamless integration with the .NET base class libraries.
  8. Documentation fully integrated into Visual Studio .NET.
  9. C# and VB.NET samples included in the setup package show how to work with SfbZipLite.

Please take a look at the Documentation for more details on how to use the ZipLite component.

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